Award Winning Real Estate Agent Lily Lin Ly Shares Her Story on the Pursuit of Happiness and Success




Lily Lin Ly is a successful top producing real estate agent in Orange County, California with over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. She is a 5-Star rated agent on Zillow, a President's list winner, a mentor to new agents, and a regular contributor to various industry publications. She is the Founder and Partner of Ly Realty Inc, a real estate services corporation, and has partnered with Realty One Group to help her global clients realize their real estate dreams. She specializes in helping overseas clients navigate the US home buying and investment process and attributes her career success to her passion, integrity, and the vast network of professionals she has cultivated over the years.


As a Chinese immigrant, Lily came to the United States in 1988 and grew up in Southern California. Having lived in Southern California for over 30 years, she considers herself to be a resident expert when it comes to life in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the surrounding neighborhoods. She currently lives in Irvine, CA with her husband, John, and 7-year-old son, Nathan.


Lily graduated from the University of California, San Diego and started her work life as a senior economic analyst for several Fortune 500 companies including Yahoo Inc, Capital Group, and New Century Mortgage. However, she could not shake her passion for the real estate industry and quickly embarked on her real estate career since 2008 and she has not looked back since. Her first venture in real estate was buying her own condo at the age of 26, which she eventually sold for a hefty profit.


Follow Your Passion and Success Will Follow


It is often said that you need to be passionate about what you do with your life. When it comes to success, nothing tops passion. The more enthusiasm you have for your work, the more you strive to get better at what you do, and this also increases your likelihood of success. This makes a big difference between just earning a living and having a successful and meaningful career.


“I am passionate about real estate and helping my clients find the perfect home. The moment of joy it brings to my clients when they take ownership of their dream home is what I love about my career and it drives me to deliver that moment as many times as possible.” – Lily Lin Ly


Lily’s passion for her work means that she enjoys living and breathing real estate during work and after work. She is constantly reading and learning about the latest market trends, housing availability, and neighborhood details which help her advise her clients using the best possible information when considering their home buying options.  It also helps that Lily grew up in Southern California and has intimately explored all of the neighborhoods for over 30 years.   This, she says differentiates her from many real estates currently in the business.  Where other agents often times need to look up a database of statistics to provide clients with market data, Lily generally already know the current values of the property and market trends already.   Her passion and industry experience gives her clients confidence that she truly understands the market and is in the best possible position to guide them through all facets of the buying and selling process.

Make Integrity the Foundation of Your Life


One of the things Lily understands is that passion can help you become an expert in your field of interest, but how you conduct yourself is equally important.  That is why one of Lily's core values is Integrity which she lives by, not only in her personal life but also in her real estate career.


“I believe strongly that you should always do the right thing and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Integrity, to me, means making sure I always do right by clients.  It not only allows you to stand proud and sleep well at night, it is also smart business.  Clients appreciate and value honesty and, in my experience, doing right by a client tends to pays for itself through repeat business.” – Lily Lin Ly


In practice, this means Lily always put her client’s best interest ahead of her income.  As an example, one of Lily's client she worked with was once considering buying a property near a major, busy street.  This was her client's first time as a home buyer and, as a recent immigrant from China, she did not know the area very well. Despite her client's willingness to purchase the house for the asking price, Lily advised her client against it.  As an agent, Lily knew that the busy, noisy location would adversely affect the house price and desirability in the future. She’d rather spend more time helping her getting a house that is much better than making quick money and lose a client in the long run.  Lily was able to help her client find another house and they are both happy with the way things turned out.

Another client recently purchased a house through Lily and during the final walkthrough stage, Lily went to the house 3 times to makes sure all doors, lights and repaired items were completed.  Any items that weren’t in its original selling condition, she made sure the sellers repaired them. She held on the paperwork to release commission checks for herself and for the listing agent until all items were fixed for her client. Lily’s company’s compliance officer at Realty One Group even said that is uniquely refreshing to observe how Lily is so responsible to make sure that things are done properly before collecting her check when so many other agents would rush to collect their commission checks.


As it is said, it is a small world in real estate and in life. Everything comes full circle in the end. Your reputation as a professional, a person with integrity stands the test of time and determines whether a client would want to work with you.  Lily acts with principle and always does the right things.


"The Golden Rule" and Building Meaningful Relationships


When you treat others the ways you want to be treated, aka the "Golden Rule", one of the welcomed side effects is that you build good relationships with people and clients.  You break down walls and walls are broken and you end up with more authentic relationships through goodwill and trust.  It is no surprise that the majority of Lily's business is from repeat clients who have become more than just clients.  They have become her friends and have chosen to maintain their mutual relationships even though the real estate transactions have ended.  Lily regularly provides recommendation and feedback to clients who seek her out for advice. She doesn’t go for the quick money but relies on her steadfast approach to earn her client’s trust and make lifelong clients.

Lily is also a trusted and respected agent among her colleagues. Over the years, she has worked with numerous sales agents, home builders, and the full spectrum of professionals involved in a real transaction including escrow officers, loan officers, title company representatives, home inspectors, and more.  When Lily accompanies clients to tour new home communities, they often notice that the Lily and the various Sales Agents for home builders such as Toll Brothers and Lennar greet each other on a first name basis.  These cordial and professional relationships are advantageous for Lily's clients in many ways including the sharing of pertinent information and early access to upcoming housing units.   Due to her professional network, her peers will often seek her out for upcoming homes that are not on the market yet and gives her the first chance to sell it.  She has mentored many new agents who are just joining the industry and have helped them launch their careers. 



In her spare time, Lily is actively involved in local school and senior center doing volunteer work.  She also regularly attends industry conferences staying on top of EB-5 developments, industry regulations,  and seeks investment opportunity for US and foreign clients.  Lily has developed a great rapport with everyone in her real estate profession and community.



The typical real estate transaction often ends when escrow closes and the client receives or hands over the keys, and the agents get their commission checks.  This typically ends the agent-client relationship, but Lily generally follows up with her clients to assist with the post-transaction aspects of home ownership such as remodeling, interior design, landscaping, and more.  Through her many years in the business, Lily has also developed many professional relationships with general contractors, interior designers, landscapers, handyman, and a host of other relationships.  She is able to help her clients find the right resources for the next stage of the home buying process by tapping into her vast network.  This is a major differentiator for many of her clients.  As a US citizen with 30 years of experience in her community, her excellent command of English and knowledge of American culture and ways of doing things are also immensely helpful to her foreign buyers from China and other parts of the world.  This is another major benefit for her international clients since the language barrier is a major issue for them when they need help to articulate their needs to the contractor or professional hired to work on their home.   It is no wonder that Lily has earned a 5-Star Agent review rating as a Premier Agent on Zillow.  Lily's genuinely helpful nature matched with her expertise is reflected in many of her client testimonials.


These are what a few of them had to say:


"Lily is a very dedicated and professional real estate agent. As a first time home buyers, we do not understand the process. She patiently explains each step and repeats it many times until we understand. When we have questions, she responds very quickly even after hours. We are extremely pleased and happy to have met a true professional. Due to her quick action and negotiation skills, we were able to get the right house for us. We are very grateful for all her help and will be referring her to all her help and will be referring her to all of our family and friends." - cici0808


"She is very professional and knows what to do. She had a wide network in this area and that helps us a lot. She knew the seller and seller agent and it helped us to go things smoothly. Thanks to her, We had no problem and everything went very smoothly. In addition, she helped us find the best contractors for home renovation. I really impressed by her network. Definitely, she is the one who can help everything for home buying." - k88club 


"Lily is the most diligent and hard-working agent I have ever worked with. She always stands on our side, protecting our interest. With broad knowledge of the SoCal real estate market, she knows how to stage, position and market our property. In the first few weeks, Lily kept hosting open house which significantly attached buyers and boosted traffic. She kept us informed about every update. With Lily taking care of everything, we felt relaxed with no stress at all. I would strongly recommend Lily to home buyers and sellers if you want to work with a trustworthy and professional agent." - justin jiajing li




Some of Lily's clients are themselves involved in the industry such as Eva Gao, an Interior Design expert.  Eva was in the market to buy her first home and also use it as a showcase for her interior design work.  Through a personal referral, Eva connected with Lily who was able to find the perfect place matching her style and needs.  Through the buying process, they have become close friends and colleagues in the real estate industry.  As a result, they have helped each other grow their businesses tapping into each other's strengths and networks.


"Your reputation is worth its weight in gold and you have to choose who you work with because it also reflects on you as a professional if the client is unsatisfied."




Lily Lin Ly Bio


林莲(Lily Lin Ly)毕业于加州大学圣地亚哥分校(University of California, San Diego)。 曾在多家美国财富500强公司(Yahoo, Capital Group, New Century Mortgage) 担任高级经济分析师多年。由于从小对房地产行业有着浓厚的兴趣及热诚,自2008年开始踏上了追求房地产职业梦想之路.


她自1988年来美以后,在南加州地区居住成长并完成学业。她对洛杉矶和橙县非常熟悉,持有加州房地产专业执照,是美国房地产协会及加州房地产协会会员,拥有自己的专业团队, 提供一条龙服务,让客户省事省心。无论客户是购买,出售或投资,她都会用真诚优质的服务来满足每个客户的需求和目标。