Spring House, Roundtree or Birch Trail?

Some of you have asked me which one I like more among Spring House, Roundtree or Birch Trail in the similar price point category.  Spring House is a single family house on a single loaded street.  It is the fastest selling house in the Pavilion Park community, now sold though Phase 3.  To give you an example on price for Plan 3.  Phase 1 started at $808k, phase 2 was at $838k and phase 3 was at mid $800k.  Price has been going up with each phase approximately $10k or more.  Roundtree and Birch Trail have all gone up in price as well and they are considered detached condo with shared driveway.  If you are planning to buy these new homes, it is a better deal to get in earlier phases.  Do I still think Spring House is the best deal?  Yes and No.

Yes, if you can get the house in earlier phases.

No, if you are buying in the later phases as prices continued to climb.  If your budget is flexible, then you can consider Whistler or Sagewood in the upper $800k and bigger square footage than Spring House.

Why do I like Pavilion Park more than the other new home development in Irvine?

The homes are built wider across with deeper lot size than other new homes in Irvine.  That means there is more privacy between your neighbors.  Homes in Irvine are generally long and narrow to maximize the most use of land space and for builders to build more homes and hence more profit.  Pavilion Park homes do have a higher property tax and mello roos than others at 1.8% vs. 1.5% for single family homes in Irvine.  HOA is at $190 per month, slightly higher than the other communities.  There is always a trade off and it is a personal choice.

Overall, prices at Pavilion Park are lower than homes built around 2010-2011 for single family homes on a single loaded street i.e. Sonoma and San Marino in Woodbury started at high $800k back then.