Stonegate community

Stonegate community is fairly new built around 2011 with its first collection of new homes and many more construction still in progress. Like other communities in Irvine, it also has swimming pools, kids playground, tennis courts, Jefferey open space trail, state of the art Stonegate elementary school and Woodbury town center is a short walk away. Follow the iconic Stonegate loop street, you will be led to the winding walkways and lush landscaping. where you will explore this new village and all of its surroundings.

Ly Realty 09-25-2013 - IMG_3930

Stonegate Elementary School

Ly Realty 09-25-2013 - IMG_3926

New home construction

Ly Realty 09-25-2013 - IMG_3925

Kids playground

Ly Realty 09-25-2013 - IMG_3923

Park and field

Ly Realty 09-25-2013 - IMG_3922

Another view of the kids playground

Ly Realty 09-25-2013 - IMG_3921

Tennis court